On bunnies and jews…

beware of the terrorsheepI was just in the process of sorting the music collection (9.456 files) on my computer into iTunes properly (quite a time-consuming task) and meanwhile checking out the new Pascal FEOS album when I suddenly noticed the absence of an Easter holiday special hai on the LSD! Well folks, it’s never too late, so here you go… The weird killer psycho sheep is sending you blessings and joy!

Did you know? The timing of Easter actually depends on the Jewish Pesach, which commemorates the sparing of the Hebrew first-born, as recounted in Exodus, since it is during this holiday that Jesus is believed to have been resurrected. There, the Jews again! They have, like, everything… big money, political power, religious influence… Anyway, so this is also the reason why in most Christian countries (except for Germany, UK & the US, who decided to go with the goddess Eostre) the name for the holiday roots in the Hebrew pésah: Pasqua in Italy, PÃ¥sk or PÃ¥ske in Scandinavia, Pâques in France and so on.

So guys, the big question is, what’s up with all the easter bunnies? Why bunnies? Where’s the religious connection? I don’t know about that, but did you know that in Australia, where rabbits have been an environmental disaster and are in consequence not popular, there have been attempts to replace the Easter Bunny with the Easter Bilby? What’s the Easter Bilby, you ask? Why, it’s a kind of Marsupialia, of course, and it looks sort of like this:

click me!I’d also like to use this space for some shameless (partly self-)promotion: nfo.hy-men are playing at the Mars Elektronica festival 2004 this saturday, April 17th at the Kranhalle in Munich, which is going to blow your brains out. Also, some cool guy named dexter crowley is doing some good visual shit. So be sure not to miss this event. You can learn more about the Future Martian Society on the Polymatrix homeplanet.

Also if you haven’t done so yet, take a look at the nfo.stadttheater homepage, carefully handcrafted by master Amodo. Upcoming events feature Barcarole, the Minifunktheater (yeah!!) and on the 27th there’s another issue of the Poximent Electric electronic art sound installation.

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