On climate change

The climate change is coming! And it breeds evil critters!
Yesterday evening I noticed a loud buzzing noise coming from my roomlamp above me, and as I look up, I see a huge and fiercely evil-looking hornet with a hell of a bad attitude flying attacking my lamp! Thinking better not to get near it I kept on doing what I was doing, but at some point it chose to land on my neck and buzz in my ear provokingly, so I no choice but to give it a thorough swish off my neck and a good round of squashing with the nearby issue of Raveline.
Here’s the post-squashem’ pic to give you an idea of it’s sheer size and ferocity!

The day before I had a MASSIVE dragonfly of a greenish-red-shine trapped in the same spot, but I eventually managed to evacuate it without causing harm to any of the two of us.
But all of this makes me think.. Since we had a badass summer up till now, with temperatures of up to 37° C (which is about 6° C higher than the high highs in normal summers), for quite a while now, the fauna has to react accordingly by growth and overdevelopment or even.. MUTATION!! We will finally have all the glorious colourful and deadly insects hotter countries have aswell (speaking of aswell reminds me of the Libanese, but don’t worry if you don’t understand that)!
I am certainly looking forward to further tense confrontations in my HUT OF EVIL CRITTERS (entrance fee is currently at 2€, but be sure to bring cool beer).

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