Much needed dubbing: Appleblim Podcast

Unforseen consequences ladies and gentlemen: Got up quite early today and had a little time on my side so I put in the quite excellent podcast of Appleblim. After the first hour he plays a few tracks in a row which started my day even better – going snowboarding for 3 days in Saas Fee (IN YOUR FACES!) with my girlfriend tomorrow, so my mood was already quite good, but this was the final touch.

Most of them are remixes of tracks by Scuba released on Hotflush. I especially like the Marcel Dettmann remix of “From Within”. After the lsd turned out to be a little bit on the music and movie bloggish side the last posts, I thought I might as well share this goodness with you:

Excerpt from the Appleblim podcast (starting at roughly 1h13m), containing the following tracks:

T++ – therefore version 5 (unreleased)
scuba – poppies – substance remix (hotflush)
scuba – from within – marcell dettman remix (hotflush)
scuba – ruptured – surgeon remix (hotflush)
jus wan – flashpoint (tube 10)calibre – ?????? (unreleased)
T++ – Audio19958_2 (apple pips)

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