Gematix 2

oh – my – gawd… so drunk right now.
If you were directed to by one of the two friendly-lookin’ fellas at the left (for anonymity reasons let’s just call them… Marcus… and… hmm… Alex) or some other guy (the author of this little hai), chances are you were one of the attendants of the Gematix2 event at the Michaelibad yesterday night. Which was, just like last year, a total blast. Not only did Mr. Bartz and Dr. Kowalski absolutely kick some serious ass, this year none of the LSD columnist crew members had to suffer a traumatizing kaba reflux experience on the way home to Erding.
If you’re looking for the visual documentation of last night (partypics), I beg you to have a little more patience, as our god-admin Dr. Funk is currently in the process of killing his very own hangover with some homecookin’. So expect the Gematix2-gallery to be online within the next few hours.

Now, on a related note:

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