Strange Dream.

Just woke up and gotta write this strange dream down, before I forget it:

Somehow I fall over backwards and hit my head on the ground. It doesn’t hurt too much, but someone insists on driving me to the airport (?) to see a doctor. We get there after some drive, and I sit down at a coffee-dispenser, where a girl I know comes by and tells me she is mad at me as hell (I can’t remember why). Then the others tell me the doctor is here. I go into some small room, which is more a closet than some doctor’s room; This doctor is some fat bavarian idiot, and doesn’t seem very trustworthy. He gives me an injection into the left side of the head, making the right side deaf; All of this allthough there is no visible wound or anything on my head. He then places me in front of a small mirror which enables me to directly watch his proceedings – He takes a small knive (a steak knive) and first scratches on my head, as spreading butter on a bread, while yelling “Where is it?Where is it?”. He then starts, with me watching all this, to cut out a hand-sized round lap of skin around the place I hit my head. I can’t feel anything since im narcotized, and there is almost no blood. He then puts the cut out lap back on my head, and secures it there with a huge safety-pin. After this I ask the doctor why he didn’t sew the wound close; He shows me his airport ID card, and reads it to me: “I’m not a doctor, this was my first time doing this. I’m from Organ Donor and normally only take out innards.”. After he said this, I woke up. Certainly strange.


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