A womans place is in the home!

This is a little report held in february by a classmate of mine, let me call him Bodo M. I got my hands on this and couldn’t help laughing my arse off.
God did I laugh.
It hurt.
Adding to the effect, this guy tends to show humorous male chauvinism frequently..
Enjoy! (comments of mine are written in italics)

A woman’s place is in the home, by Bodo M. [notice the revealing title]


  • traditional and cultural aspects
  • possibility of saving money (charwoman superflous) [what about charmen? but nevertheless..]
  • house work not so strenous [Yeah right!]
  • women more gifted in doing housework [YEAH RIGHT! It’s all in the genes, isn’t it?]
  • after pregnancy: baby needs more the mother
  • the man can concentrate on his job
  • some women think, that they can’t do anything -> Stay at home [This was the point, where my giggle tunred into LMFAOROFLOMGWTF]

Cons: [We’re all very curious now, aren’t we?]

  • aspect of equality [This minor ‘aspect’ should always worth a second of thought]
  • some jobs more suitable to women (gynaecologist) [*friend helps me get up after i collapsed laughing*]
  • possibility of owning money
  • some [made bold by me] women are very talented -> would be a waste to stay at home
  • women posses ability to do several things at same time [actually, all of them are standard-equipped with ‘warm & soft breasts of multitasking +3’]
  • women have a better 3-dimensional imagination [Yep. Certainly an argument. *got to stop LMAO*]
  • women posses better guiding abilities
  • would be boring for men [No more asses to watch at work, fuck’n eh? *got to stop..*]

Conclusion: a woman’s place is not only in the home!
Holy cow! Fuck’n eh? Like that? Great stuff ha? Feel free to add your comments to arguments if you stopped laughing.


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  1. flinz wrote on January 8, 2008 at 20:15 #

    Man, i so forgot this post. Lol.