Nature-poetry from Rügenwald

Directly from the south-eastern corner of my harddrive-LSD-archive we unroll the dusty parchments of wisdom as we bring you yet another ancient truth (as posted on about 2 years ago):

Im Rügenwald

Rindengleich abgeschabt
die Essenz
des Teewurstbaums.

Die roten Wogen.

Langhaarig verwildeter
grazil schmierend.

Actually, the guy on the right really lives a normal life – apart from seducing innocent, married “Teewurstverkäuferinnen” once a week. He just opened a bar here in Erding, called Percy’s.. Try ordering the original “Rügenwalder Surprise” (pronounced: Rewgainwohlder), and don’t forget to duck the incoming punch.
And be absolutely sure to read the text on the back of the menu:

“Until nowadays the Rügenwalder Mill care for the Rügenwalder Teewurst to be manufactured according to our traditional recipe.” (as seen on

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