Much needed nodding: Flying Lotus, Madvillain

Flinz brings the beats on time. I just stumbled over two really nice releases. One’s flashy and new, one’s old and good. Have you noticed your head has been missing some nod recently? I have the nod for you:

Flying Lotus – Shhh
Finally, some more Flying Lotus. Been out since august, but haven’t heard of it until now. It’s only remixes by FL this time: Mr. Oizo’s (who is pronounced “miseur oiseau” by the way, french education be blessed) “Stunt” and Madvillain’s: “Shadows of tomorrow” are redone, and the latter is one of the head noddiest pieces i’ve heard in a long time.

Madvillain – Madvillainy
If you know Quasimoto (one of his best tracks: “Return of the Loop Digga“), then you’ll probably know this one already. If you have missed out, here’s the essence: classic head nod hiphop. No bling, no bitches, just good ol’ loop-laden beats, and MF DOOM (yeah, he wears a facemask, so what?) as well as Madlib (damn, check out the alias list on him) doing their thing over it. Check out “Accordion” or “Figaro“. Will help you pass the time to the next Flying Lotus release, I’m sure.

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