Saturday Insanity

Due to the fact that my head seems to be short before exploding due to too much thought going on, I am now going to sit my ass on my bike and ride around the Landkreis and beyond for a while at least (changed this from “the whole day long” because of reasons to be epxplained later). Let’s see where it chooses to take me – let’s see where I choose to take myself.
I need some peace.

Just came back from the bikeride. Made about 30 KM up and downhills near Wartenberg and that area. Although I am now completely wrecked (need a nap aswell I guess) I still feel like a few severe, tropical even, thunderstorms are passing my cortex. Can’t explain the reasons. Don’t want to here. Need to find another way to calm me down. Argh. was ???

“it’s the vortex baby, and it won’t stop turning”

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