The weekender

This is a post full of positive vibes. Fasten your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen! It’s weekend! But it’s not just “weekend, go out and drink” it’s weekend after my last math test! Just wrote it today after studying for quite some time. And you could call it a ‘shmoov’ test, was pretty satisfying.
Now im off for some fun in the weekend, and I just can’t wait for that first beer ill have in 10 minutes from now. Life somehow is better if you have big obstacles to master – you just fucking appreciate it everytime you’ve passed em.

Got to point your direction to just because I think the webmasters are doing a great job, and, since I spent some time in the comments, these are also quite entertaining! Keep to the ‘Evening Reading’ or the ‘First Post’ comment sections..Heres the link to my user profile, don’t know why that would interest anybody reading this thou.. but never mind.

Also, look forward to an upcoming interview with Percy, the guy mentioned in the last HAI. Hope he won’t bash me to ‘Teewurst-death’ with his ‘Grobe Rügenwalder’ for doing this, but I just have to..

Alright, thats about it. I’m off now, enjoying the weekend – be sure to also do so. Yeah baby.

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