Back in Berlin.

Greetings from the far city of Berlin!
Am here for day 2 now and so far nothing much happened.. Undertook one of those “psycho-analytic-whataremycapabilities” things to get some help in choosing what to study for the rest of my life.. Was pretty good I guess. I got ensured of some of my qualities aswell and was also pointed at some of my “disabilities” and what to do about them.
So apparently the perfect subject for studying at university for me is “Philosophy and Economics” at Bayreuth. And, as you might guess, it DOES sound quite interesting.
But I am still going to have a look at some cinematic subjects before I ultimately decide what to do.
Hope I can get some pics in here, perhaps if I get to some webcam somewhere.. None around here thou (the “we earn big money by charging horrendous 5€ for an hour of internet” hotel access).
Schinken Whoaaaw! and happy joy joy.

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