Reopening in 2011

Mighty, mighty, it’s been a while!
As you might discern we’ve been working on a new layout finally giving faild! the desperately needed makeover. Naabster and his CSS cat o 9 tails whipped us together a few new features:

  • big preview images – it’s 2011 after all
  • a slick and refined layout
  • promises by the old crew members (dex and joda in Berlin, jensman in Munich but soon to spend his time on Thai beaches) to drop a few posts now and then
  • the galleries have been abandoned for now. we will probably import the interesting part into flickr or facebook at some point.
  • The WPshowroom plugin is still up for downloading, but I wont put any effort into it in the near future – there are more convenient solutions out there. Facebook, flickr, smugmug – you name it.
  • There’s a little geotagging feature coming up for the site, to aid the travellers out there

We’ll see where this takes us, usually when we get there.

Happy 2011, flinz
xoxo, naabster

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  1. naabster wrote on January 14, 2011 at 20:32 #

    yay! hurray!