Little Jimmy Scott

I’m seriously baffled here. Just listened to the latest Gilles Peterson‘s “Cinematic Orchestra Film Soundtrack Mix” (DO check it out) and heard this familiar tune from Twin Peaks, called “Sycamore Trees”, performed by Jimmy Scott. She really has the most beautiful voice, and.. Hold it right there – she’s a “Jimmy”? The FUCK?

Turns out she really is a Jimmy.

I present: “Little” Jimmy Scott, a singer who never had puberty take the angels out of his voice. He is a-mazing. Seeing that body and that voice together just gives me the shivers.

So the old man singing with a womans voice in the reknown Twin Peaks scene is indeed the performer himself, and not yet another Lynchian mindfuck as the psychedelic scene might suggest.

Here’s a live performance of Jimmy Scott. Close your eyes –  don’t you just want to fall in love with that voice?

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