Daedelus liveset using monome 64/256

All these new methods of turning the principle of a dj set into a live performance surely can make you feel insignificant just playing out records the oldschool way. In comes Daedelus, and blows my mind with a 10 minute liveset using the monome 64 and 256 button versions. According to the man himself he hooks it up to Max/MSP using a max plugin/app called MLR to cut up samples and play back the splices on his monomes. Fucking wicked.

So, after a little research it turns out, we can all use this magic. There even used to be an iphone app around called haplome which, you guessed it, emulates the monome on the iphone. Sadly it seems it is discontinued. But keyboard/midi control is possible, so here goes

  1. download and install the max/msp runtime
  2. download the patch nonome
  3. start mlr and nonome (both included)
  4. play around and have fun.

Damn this is exciting. I’m off to work now sadly.

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