Floating Points – Vacuum EP

I first heard a track by Floating Points on some Mary Anne Hobbs Future Beats special a year ago, and it blew me away.

Floating Points – For You by eglo

thumb-flpShuffled beats à la Flying Lotus, but more repetitive and aggressive, For You has by now been released by some obscure new label called eglo records, which has only this one release to show up so far – digital release pending. And no further information to be found.

After two further captivating and insolently grooving house (Love me like this – free 128kb download, good for a preview though) and again beat (J&W Beat) releases, he now has the means to strike hard with yet another house venture on eglo recs. Vacuum EP will be out in another three months’ time, but the groovin basterd himself provides us with snipplets on soundcloud. I presume this is going to get equally big.

Vacuum Boogie by floatingpoints

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