Musical journeys written up: Podcasts & Producers

I’m spending my weekend afternoons in my university office, trying to finish up my project here before I will leave Lausanne to move back to Munich in a few weeks. Outside it’s grey and cold, but I manage to keep up my mood with some good music I come accross on the web. I’ve found some good stuff, some of which is noteworthy, so on to …


  • Floating Points:
    Was pointed towards him by Gilles Petersons show, and although he apparently hasn’t released anything yet officially, I am a fan already – web2.0 makes this possible i guess.
    He somehow reminds me of a little more electronic Flying Lotus. Check him out he’s worth it, and apparently releasing some stuff on (a great webapp to share and discuss audio files, by the way). I was just listening to this here, and mumbled to myself “gott ist des fett, alder”. What do you think?

    Also, I love this track – good to hear some of the lotus’esque stumbling beats making their way into house:

  • Flying Lotus – L.A. EP 2×3
    Flying Lotus released the second remix E.P. of his groundbreaking album: I can deeply recommend this, good stuff. Especially the re”f”ix of “Secrets” (sorry, couldn’t find a better quality link) by Soundmurderer.
  • Zomby – Where Were U in ’92?
    Missing fun on the dancefloor? Those amen breaks nowhere to be found? No more piano chords in the dance tracks? WRONG. Flashback album of the year:
    You’ll be raving through your livingroom on this one, and if you listen closely you might even notice it’s actually a brand new production and not a mixtape. I had very much fun with this, raving on my lab-seat. Youtube provides some previews of “Where were u in ’92?” and “Euphoria”
  • Two more names to remember and check out: Pangaea & the german and friend of monolake (wow, didn’t expect that) T++. You can grab a the free track “Therefore Version 5” by T++ from monolake’s download site. T++ has a release on Appleblim’s label Apple Pips, which released some very heavy  tracks which are all somewhere in between techno and dubstep and.. well, dubtechno – anyways, looks promising


  • I’ve sort of missed them, but listen to the more recent Mary Anne Hobbs shows, especially the Experimental: Best of 2008 show. Lots of great Dubstep and Dubtechno tunes, catching you up on whats been happening in 2008.
  • A very good weekly podcast is Rob Booth’s electronicexplorations, also mainly Dubstep and bassheavy Beats.
  • Last but not least, be sure to check out Appleblim‘s podcasts (some of them are available on release on the blog for a short while) – you can find them in the usual sources pobably.

This concludes my bassheavy writeup for now, and though it might not be the newest stuff I’m linking to (I’m a few months behind the pulse) there’s a lot out there still to be discovered. Be sure to leave some comments, or further music linkage from the big ol web. Oh yeah, and happy new year!

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