(little) Lausanne Séjour Dispenser

So as you might have noticed, I’m not around in Munich anymore. Made my way down to Lausanne, moved into my apartment, finally even got internet at home (which proved harder than it seemed to me in the beginning) and I am now in my second week of the Erasmus french language-course.
Still it is quite crazy to suddenly find yourself in such a situation, so many new things to discover, so many things I really am missing like hell. But life goes on in a new and fresh direction and that’s a good feeling.

Managed to make my way up a glacier last weekend (Les Diablerets, near Aigle) with Davyd, Mikel, Amparo and Irati (from Portugal and 3 x Spain resp.) and took some pics for you to enjoy, which are now at the gallery at animalbeach.net, so go check em out.

So now, 1,5 weeks to go in the language course, and then its back home for a week – wohoo!
Take care everybody, and drop me a line if you get to it!

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