Leaving Koh Phan Gan to go underwater

Hey guys,

it took me a while to get the time and a decent internet place to get up some more pics.. Also I will tell you what has happened the last few weeks!
For the whole gallery: here you go! (new pics at the end)

Finally I left wonderful Koh Phan Gan, but not without spending a more or less fun night at Haad Rin drinking. We tried to walk through the jungle to get some money out of the ATM, but because of the new built dirt road, nobody uses the jungle trail anymore. After 2 hours getting lost in the jungle (we had to make our way with sticks.. lots of ants, spiders etc.) and no more energy to walk 2,5 hours on the road we got a taxi boat. Lol.
At Haad Rin, some guys had trouble getting money (he didnt call his parent, who manage his account, so they decided to report him missing at Interpol. Wtf? The poor lad had to talk to some Interpol officer on the phone – hey Mom, I am still ok!)


So it was already late and we stayed for a few drinks, the fire show and.. yeah, a few buckets. Jono got really drunk and so we came back to our beach at sunrise. Well, it was fun, I guess.

Two days later I got on a boat to Koh Toa. Scuba Diving!


The Dive Shop Alex and I went with two years ago still exists, but all divemasters changed shop due to some internal management problems. I got this Info the first night on Koh Tao talking to a divemaster trainee, I met along with Rupert & V from Koh Pha Ngan. We had a great night, hehe…


So I went with the new shop, Siam Divers in Sairee Beach. I did an advanced course and some more fun dives – it was really amazing. So much to see and to do underwater. Also diving (and drinking) along: 4 scottish guys – we and divemaster-to-be Sheldon had a real fun time at Lotus Bar & Co :)



Koh Tao is also a really beautiful – and really small – island. I never thought I could spent so much time here..


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  1. Herbie wrote on December 2, 2010 at 07:54 #

    The funny thing is: You don’t have to leave Koh Phangan to get underwater. In fact, the diversity of dive spots visited is greater on Koh Phangan than on Koh Tao.
    Some of the best sites do not even get visitors from Koh Tao. Sail Rock for example has always impressed divers. If they just came from the Red Sea or Bali didn’t matter.
    Koh Phangan is more than the Party island it is propagated as. And it boasts some high class dive centers as well.
    I’d like to welcome you at the Phangan Fun Factory Diving to show you first hand what i just wrote. If you have further questions, please visit us (http://www.phanganfunfactory.com) or write us (info@phanganfunfactory.com)