I’ll let the flow do the moving.

So I now finally moved out of my shared appartment (DASWOHNUNG) after 3 years of collaboration, fun, fights, drinking, cooking, and sharing my life with dexter and naabster.
Aw, it’s really strange moving out of such a place. Your whole life seems to be changing its course, and I surely lack a cave of my own right now, nowhere to bring the mammoths home to after I’ve slayn them.
On the left you can see the sad remains of 3 years of making my cave into what it was, now stripped of everything personal except my colored walls and my curtains. My the guy moving in after me treat them with respect.

I’ll check out my flat in Lausanne on monday, cruising down there with the jenseman for 3 days. Also I’ve gotten a new camera, so I’ll treat you with some pics of my future residence. Speaking of pictures, dex got his wisdom teeth extracted (all 4 at once) and looks like this at the moment (the poor bastard):


  1. dexter wrote on August 1, 2008 at 02:44 #

    great dude, just what a man in pain needs – his photo taken. remind me to never give you my camera & wide angle lens ever again.

    we’ll all honor your room by making it a cool hangout place for us, cheap sluts & other cool people. don’t forget your farewell-bash!

  2. naabster wrote on August 2, 2008 at 13:59 #

    lol @ dex – that sucks, haha :)

    whos the new guy?