Back in Koh Pha Ngan

Jo. I made it. I am back on Koh Pha Ngan. Staying at the same place, the Sanctuary.

It is almost just like 2 years ago. Nothing has really changed. Prices are still the same (internet still 3 Baht per Minute – so I’ll be brief and post some more pictures the next days.

This place is just special. The first evening I walked into Eden Garden, a restaurant/bar directly at the rocks, King, the owner, remembered me. After 2 years he still knew me. What a great time. He also remembered Alex. So much fun.

It is so peaceful here. I think I’ll stay here for a few weeks.. Probably stay at one of King’s bungalows.

Take care, I’ll post a more detailed write-up with pics the next days..

Chill MacMical

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