Nice. Real Nice.

Nizza1Just came back from a two week stay in Nice. Had a great time learning the basics of french, which I never had in school, in the instute des longues alpha-b. I can gladly give this institution straight rating-5-stars.gif, they really did hell of a job. The teachers were amazingly proficient pedagogically, especially my afternoon teacher Priscilla.
In the first place I expected Niece to be a posh, Cote d’Azure-ish (can’t seem to make accents here work, sorry francophones out there) sibling of Monaco. But really, the restaurants, bars and nightlife, especially in the old part of town, the vieux-ville, was amazing. Had such good times drinking wine and eating out – savoir vivre ladies and gentlemen.

Mainly for my own memory, and of course also should you want to make your way to Nice one day, here a few recommendations:

  • Best dinner I had in town: Lu Fran Calin had amazing french-italian cuisine for almost nothing, i.E. the same prices as everywhere else. Man it was good. Though stay away if you consider garlic a nuisance rather then an enhancement.
  • Best crepes in town: This is an absolute special, secret, known to few recommendation. We accidentally stumbled over it, couldn’t get a seat because its always booked out for lunch (which I guess is the only time they’re open), had to wait long for our crepes (the chef favours to devote himself to the creation of every crepe with tranquility and expertise, and also operates only one stove), but it is so good any hassle will be forgotten in a bite. And why not swoosh it down with a glass of cidre-du-maison? Do it. Now. Do it.
    Crêperie Bretonne Corentin
    3,Rue de Russie
  • A cave is a place to try wines and enjoy a few glasses with your friends, eat some cheese, bread, ham. Ah, now we’re talking. I’ve been to two places, this first one with a bit more class to it, and the food is better:
    Cave La Part Des Anges
    17, Rue Gubematis
  • Cave de la tourSecond cave, and now we are REALLY talking: Best spot in town, i swear. You’ll be able to enjoy the sun almost till sunset, drink a liter of wine starting at 1,50 €, listen to the owner rant about this and that, and try some more wines. Open wines from 1,50€ up to 6€ a glass, but do remember the 1,50€ / liter offer! Its surely not as good, but still reasonably good wine. And cheap. And they have a cat! Honestly, go there.
    Cave de la tour
    (right across from) 4, rue de la Tour

That almost concludes my recommendations. If you have time for trips around, be sure to check out St Jean Cap-Ferrat, which is a beautiful peninsula just 10 minutes by train from Nice SNCF. Also quite worth the 1 €for the bus ride (ha-hah) was Eze-Ville, a small medieval village with an astonishing view from the lookout at its peak. Check out the full gallery for some more pictures.

It's a beer keg.Lastly, do you know these two guys from Belgium (the ones to the sides – the one in the middle I know very well, and he goes by the name of Aladin, believe it or not), they’re called Tom and.. I just can’t remember the other one’s name. Something a bit Moroccan. If you should know them, drop me a line please, we had so much fun that night. I’m just glad I didn’t HAVE TO take a taxi home, eh, Aladin?

Oh yeah, one more thing: ça farte!

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    Well written article.