2008 on 366 photos

Yeah I know, it is nothing new, but since a few years there is something that I really want to do one year.

The “one” year has come.

My project for 2008:

I will make one photo every single day of the year 2008, and I will post this picture here.
There will be no restrictions of any kind for the photos (i.e. a special motive every day), but it has to be taken every day by myself. I will not use old pictures. I have no artistic claim of any kind with my photos to meet.

Why would you do that?
Thats simple: I want to take more pictures. Almost everyday I walk by a scene that is somehow photo-worthy, but I dont take pictures because I am too lazy or I dont have a cam with me..

Thats been done before hundreds of times!
I dont care :)

Why 366 photos?
Because 2008 is a leap year, so more work for me..

What if you dont upload your photos everyday?
I think it can happen that I am not able to upload my pictures on time, I will catch up as soon as possible. The main focus is on taking a picture daily.

So why should I care?
See it as a graphic diary from naabster. I am happy for any comments, criticism and other thoughts on my pics.

Well lets see how well this thing will go.

One Comment

  1. jimmä wrote on December 31, 2007 at 13:56 #

    mach doch jeden tag gleich noch n foto von dir…, so um jeden tag noch den link zw. michi und bild herzustellen…