I am back

Yes.. it is true.
wow. SE asia was really a hell of an experience. actually i cant really describe how AWESOME it was.

this was with alex on our last drunk night in bangkok. Yeah, i really enjoyed the time with you, mate!
I made about 2500 pics during this trip. and there are actually some fotos i really like. but you have to stay tuned for a couple of more days to be jealous. i need to get them sorted and resized and uploaded :) I think you probably will get all these little stories from our trip bit by bit – to tell the full 7 weeks at once would take ages..

well, what happend also? you also read, that the best dog passed away. R.I.P. Sally!
I just finished my university paper tonight, so i now i am really back. And happy birthday to marcus once again!

and by the way did you ever listen to Hot Chip? Yeah, i bet you did. But not only to their album The Warning, did you also get Coming On Strong?

That is a fucking good album! Get it now and listen to it at least twice. at least.

good night.

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