I’m doing coke again.

Yes, i confess. I tried some coke again. Not the standard coke thou. The real good new stuff. With vanilla flavour. And I put it into my mouth strictly. But how does good ol’ Flinz get back to coke?
Hasn’t he, not alltoo long ago sworn to himself never (except at really really really bad parties that only serve coke mixdrinks) (whereas jacky-d + coke seems quite popular with some people – my girlfriend for example. it’s ok, but I’d favor absynth in any given case) to drink any of coca cola’s products again (and that includes EVERYTHING they own, as for example some of lesser reknown: Bonaqua, Mezzo Mix, Cappy, Powerade, Kinley, Aquarius and even Nestea (!!! didnt know THAT !!!)).

Well.. I didn’t have a chance. There was this wall, with a hole in it. And, out of pure juvenile curiosity, I just HAD to stick my head inside to have a look. And next thing I know, a guy grabs me, forces me to a vanilla flavoured influx and takes a pic of the whole procedure.

So there you have it.
In a world like this, with capitalists lurking in every damn hole, just waiting to pour you some of their highly addictive brown sugar, how can we stand a chance? REFUSE! RESIST! Storm some parliament! (this is meant purely hypothetical. for any government agents thinking about giving this a second read: it’s called sarcasm).
Finally I understand my good ol’ grandpa’s urge to buy a lonely island, equip it with 4 watchtowers (incl. machineguns) and 2 watchdogs for every road leading to the small hut in it’s middle.

Guess I’d rather move to the woods thou.
Number one: The Larch.

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