Christmas ordentlich auf

Merry Christmas (and most probably) a happy new ear to everybody out there. All will be fine. Everything turns to the better every new year. Thats why we all can maintain that wonderfully bright outlook on the future of ourselves and the world.
But enough of this. Now for the really important things:

1. teh littlesamuraidispenser
Whats going on with teh LSD? A lot i’d normally say, but nothing i will admit. (confused sentences, i love them) One thing is for sure, something will have to happen, as loadtimes slow down and the number of updates decreases. I might change it into some strictly ranting thing and hand the galleries over to the better written for now.. Or i might recode the whole thing. Something will happen, so be’eth sure!

2. staddtheater and woanders
Whats going on with teh Kultur? It’s ALL DEAD! stadttheater
has been beaten, crippled, decapitated and defamed. And closed, on top of all. Sad, we say. Didn’t even get to walk on it’s own to feet, now lain back to sleep, watchful in Erdings very heart it moans in grief. So many young people went right into it. So many came out of it delighted (and drunk some of them, we admit). It liked that, so it did.
Now that many of us emigrated to munich it has to finally be stated: check out the woandersclub if you want something a bit different from the rest munich has to offer us. Far from the thousands of “tre-chick” idiots doing their moves along with DJ Helmut. No more of that i say, so i do. So go there and support em.

3. mirsanguadia
All i have to say is: “greizzefixischlogdiedregsscheibnjetzei!” (mirsanguadia, abteilung: aberbesondersihr; jetzt sind wir doch schlagende verbindung)

see you soon,
with love and care and all of that,

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