****’s most excellent adventure

So, guess what happened in the Garden yesterday? YES. Most reknown DJ Krush did hell of a good job. Really nice seeing him live finally.
The other dj’s have to be mentioned aswell thou, they presented a smashing 5 hour bigbeat to techno classics (in the end) and apparently the crowd didn’t wanna leave till about 5am. But even then it only went down to about 300, large crowd to remain imho. And it was FUN. Haven’t had such a fun night for about half a year. To show my delight, i turned to screaming at the dj as depicted here. Very good, you all scream as we japanese scream.

Buuuut(t) the best scene of the evening proved to be (and i am still bursting out laughing everytime i see it again):

no comment, don’t flame me.
you all should know her thou.
reality sometimes is harsh ain’t it?

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