Gin & Clarke

I finally got to hooking me up behind the keyboard (laptop’d by now) and letting people know me and the lsd is still alive. Well, barely alive rather.
But first things first: A short update on good ol flinz. After moving back to munich from Osnabrück in hope of finding a better place to study he settled down in munich downtown in his own small flat, and started studying math at the LMU of munich. good loife.
But anyhow, the first half of this article shall be about gin. Freemans dry gin to be exact. Bitches brew, this instrument of the devil. As dexter chose to invest his precious money in cheap REWE gin rather than gorgeous Gordons or blastin’ Beefeaters or anything else destilled down to a sane level, at least 4 people (as depicted in the Dave Clarke Gallery) suffered from such horrid symptoms as: nausea, extreme disorientation, paranoia and hell of headaches in the morning. At this point I come to the thought that the art-director of Valve during the production of Half-Life must’ve had a hunch for Gin [the main actor’s name is ‘Gordon Freeman’]. To give you an overview of Freeman dry gin’s effects, here a short

Log of events

  • 10:30 pm, Chez Alex: beginning influx of Freemans Dry Gin
  • 11:30 pm, Hansastr.: ending influx. entering the club.
  • 00:30 am, Kranhalle: feeling strange, disorientation
  • 01:00 am, Kranhalle: body starts itching all over, mild paranoia, nausea
  • 02:30 am, Kranhalle: meeting Dexter outside, getting fresh air. Documentary picture of me taken by Dexter [the bitch!]

From there we have to split up between Dexter and Flinz:

Flinz’s further log of events

  • 02:40 am, Kranhalle: i begin standard countermeasures: snack influx, water influx, fresh air
  • 03:00 am, Kranhalle: being told I ‘look like shit’ and ‘mann hast du krasse augen’, but feeling better
  • 03:10 am, Kranhalle: feeling even better, first attempts to dance again are successful
  • 06:30 am, Kranhalle: leveling out the oncoming headache by marginal beer and jägermeister (thanks Philipp) influx
  • 08:00 am, Chez Alex: returned home alone, enjoyed sunshine on the way, starting to eat counterhangover canned-fish-in-tomatosauce and applying ‘sleep’

Dexters’s further log of events

  • 02:40 am, Kranhalle: need more fresh air, feel like shit. ugh.
  • 03:00 am, Kranhalle: met people that recognized me [comm.: Simon, Ina, Arne S. had last contact with Dexter – yet it remains unknown wether HE recognized THEM] and they said something. had to get more air outside. feel like shit.
  • 03:10 am, Kranhalle: dizzy. fall to grruobfnd. knee blawd. all so blllack. arms noo convvtroll.
  • 03:30 am, Kranhalle: brzpft. hgkllglglgl.
  • 03:50 am, unknown: mama?

Dexter then apparently managed to take a cab home as he told me today. I must enforce that, next to beer on my side, there where no other drugs of any kind involved. Ah so. But what do we learn from this?a) Standard countermeasures to slight poisoning (snack & water influx) are vital for returning to an operational level.b) Freemans really hit us hard. Dexter NEVER left a party that early, ever. And he too came to see the main dj that evening, Dave Clarke. Adding to that, contrary to me, he paid 16 € to do so, with Dexter not having much money at the moment anyways. And he even paid for a taxi! By god, the impact had to be grave.

There was one advantage of the obfuscating effects of Freemans thou. It made Dave Clarke’s DJ set better. And here we get to this hai’s second half.I always regarded (and probably still do) Dave Clarke as one of the skillfullest Techno DJ’s (cutwise, mixwise, variationwise). And I was looking forward to him djing the Kranhalle on that same occasion for about 2 months. And here comes a tired and rather dull Dave Clarke doing a 90 min set, most of the mixes consisting of a short, deadhearted stop-mixes (crossfader from side a to side b in 10ms, hit the stop on the 1210 on side a, exchange vinyl and repeat) and very scarcely doing the real ‘Dave Clarke Thang’.

I quote from cylix404 @
“Für Clarkesche Verhältnisse war das meiner Meinung nach nämlich nur Durchschnitt, was er gestern geboten hat. Selten, dass er seine berühmten Mixkünste aufblitzen ließ, meistens spielte er routiniert aber ohne erkennbares Engagement sein Pensum ab. Die Diva war wohl müde oder wieder mal schlecht gelaunt.”

Okay, records where good. Sure. Other dj’s might have been okay doing that. But Dave Clarke?? Really sad. And dissappointing. Best to see Dave Clarke at appearances with more than 800 people watching, he might be more anxious showing his skills than in front of the 300 people there that day.All in all a memorable night, although rather on the negative side of memories. Today proved to be a day of no use, full of headache, only elightened by viewing Harry Potter III at night. And that was even more entertaining than seeing Dave Clarke live. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

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