Give yourself a makeover – today!

Are you happy with your looks? When you look in the mirror, are you completely content with what you see? Or perhaps you sometimes think: Hm, maybe I could do better than this… with the right hairstyle, the suitable pair of glasses, the perfect eyeshadow, lipstick etc… (note: The last two examples do specifically apply to one gender only. You guess which one.)

Well folks, I give you: The Makeover-O-Matic.

It’s not only fun to simply play around with (and a great party game), you also get to check out a huge selection of styles on yourself, which is fucking useful if you were planning on getting that Drew Barrymore-look and you just didn’t know for sure whether it suited your new Gucci glasses or not. You have to sign up at to use most of the features, but it’s free and – believe me – worth it. Well, and of course I would be a horrible Little Samurai-columnist if I wouldn’t present you the results of my very own experiments…

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