Welcome to 2004. Perspectives. Parallels.

while i was – fortunately for all of us – sort of too busy to write my usual melancholic end-of-the-year-note, i am nevertheless now welcoming you to this wonderful new year. and folks, i am telling you, i can sense that 2004 is going to be a hell of a year. now, on a personal note, i am looking forward many new things and experiences… while my photodesign study is currently lacking conviction and devotion (due to a lack of its existence, until autumn 04 when i will start again), i am happy to have made some right decisions and be able to face new challenges now. yet i don’t know where the next nine months will be taking me. the obvious decision could be the inevitable half-year-internship at some photographer in munich, to gain some practical lab experience, work with experienced people, earn a bit of money.

having stumbled upon this site also reminded me on making some travel plans for semester break in spring and especially for summer. Cheap tickets (~19 euro) to Athens, Lisboa, Moscow, Rome, Dublin, London, Helsinki, Copenhagen – nothing left to to but find a cheap hotel or youth hostel, get to know new people, go out in cities with a decent nightlife (still missing the fridays at flokati here), spend a bit of money, have a fucking good time. so what is everybody else planning on? flinz? mini-me? madmiss? up for some action? let me know, fellas.

so, the other day, i was wondering. concerning my last hai, i have taken some time to reflect about life, its wonders and weirdness. and what do you know, as usual, i get distracted from my meditations too easily, and soon i found myself playing an addictive little flash game. your main goal is to date and seduce ganguro girls – which is a common term in tokyo for crazy japanese chicks with a dark tan and light blonde hair. in the game, you got several locations – your home, a shopping mall, a nightclub, a bar, several places to work, an university – and well, basically your virtual life elvolves around these parameters: time, money, knowledge, strength, charm…. soooo – well fuck me, those guys managed to reduce life to a 990kb flash game and they’re as close to reality as you can possibly get! play it, you’ll see what i mean. don’t we all start at day 1 in our lives, with no skills and no clue whatsoever? and isn’t real life nothing more than a constant hunt for the next possible fuck (replace fuck with love, if you are female and/or feel offended…)? instead of 100 HPs (health points) in the game, we got 14-16 wake hours every day in life – but to do the exact same things: to boost our skills – studying, gaining dating experience, changing jobs, working out, making out. the days are passing by, and you can see your skills going up – but have you focused on the right aspects? balancing out your life while still remembering to call your girl at night, watching your bank account while not forgetting about her birthday – that’s the key to success in the game. and in life. so don’t you guys let anybody tell you any shit about how you’re supposed to lead your life – tell them you know how the game works, and always remember: drinking beer at the bar boosts up your charm by 5 points!

you might be familiar with this kind of love-sim-rpg-games – there’s quite plenty of them online. in that case, you might enjoy this little parody – it works basically the same way as all others, the only differences being: you need to fight obscure aliens attacking the base, the chicks you need to seduce are violent drug-addicts, you’re
haunted by zombies at your home and the only gifts you need are blue & red hair dye.

by the way, i’m sending YOU, flinz, (u listening?) some goood pics i took at new years in erding and at hannes’ party in munich, maybe you’ll find the time to put them on our lsd picture-heaven, will you? thanks mate.

now, if you still have enough spare time, you might want to check out these two articles about some good stuff coming up in the movie theaters in 2004: part1 & part2. oh yeah…. can’t wait for kill bill vol2.

now don’t be schreibfaul and comment this with some of your thoughts & opinions.


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