the “oh god” of hangovers

Before we get to the first christmas post this year (if you’re not into christmas, you may skip the middle paragraph. Allthou it’s rather short about christmas. There’s also some jazz in it, which you wouldn’t wanna miss really1 ):

Posting frenzy is going into its third week, coming along quite good still. Anybody noticed a increasing regularity in postings here at the good old littlesamurai? Dexter did, and envious as he is, he immediately promised to catch up with his 1000 mile long list of intellectual, inspiring things to write about. Way to go dexter, here’s one for you: ED-CAN-DANCE-N.
Where is he anyway, the ‘ol japanese brat called littlesamurai? Anybody seen him? EVER? So, first thing is I call up for a little DESIGN CONTEST! Design your very personal littlesamurai in person, may be in a logo or just a figure we could use somewhere in our design. And, as it’s christmas, next to being officially mentioned here and getting to see your creation every visit, you may also get HUUGE PRIZES [thanks matte] if you win. Design us a christmas version of your littlesamurai and get free kisses from dexter and me as well.

But now for the christmassive introduction: Speaking of christmas, I just love it getting cold outside. Of course sometimes (especially on bikes) it’s quite.. um.. cold. But then again, how good is it to have a warm cup of tea, curled up inside 3 blankets reading a book? The fun we all have, getting all out little accessoires on us, the hat, the gloves, the scarf – OH, and don’t miss the [this was CENSORED, for further information send me an inquiry or write a sad letter to santa], what an ingenious invention they are. What a bass in those magnets. What beauty in those slowly descending, playfully gliding white particles. Mist. Whiteness. Food. Mom’s turkey. Oh boy. How good. What a sentimental mood. And I just discovered SCOLOHOFO. Yes, it’s John Scofield (g), Dave Holland (b), Joe Lovano (sax) und Al Foster (dr). TOGETHER! My god. Can’t wait to dig this record tonight, all you jazz-cats know what I mean *cough*.

Enough of christmas sentiment for now. Second to last, here’s the cheesiest christmas picture ever. And, what I wanted to post in first place finally comes in last, a brilliant quote:

“It is said that the gods play games with the lives of men. But what games, and why, and the identities of the actual pawns, and what game is, and what rules are-who knows?
Best not to speculate.
Thunder rolled…
It rolled a six.”
Terrett Pratchy

1[It’s the first littlesamurai footnote. Hi ya lil feller.] On giving the middle paragraph a second read, it’s not really about christmas. It’s rather about the coldness of weather, about good food and cosyness. But why is this a christmas post then? It isn’t! It was only the trick top cat that lured you into belief this was a christmas post. And my little introduction. See how easy it is to deceive people? Make use of this knowledge. Protect youself against being deceived. And against washing machines.


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