Business as usual

Oh joy, it’s the time of the year again in which we’re all left pondering upon the past 12 months, reflecting about what happened to us in 2003…

Most people are asking themselves the same old annual questions, whether they’ve spent their time in a more or less meaningful way… And so do I find myself staring out the window, waiting for snowfall, with some deep thoughts going on in my mind… what do I expect from life? what path have I chosen? how can I possibly succeed finding some sort of… happiness in the short time of my existence?

Or more specifically: in what way, and how fast, can I reach a point in my life when i’ll spend most of my time tripping on acid and having orgies with japanese schoolgirl geishas in my very own 60s-retro-style-lounge somewhere in kyoto with the schulmädchen-report-soundtrack & serial experiments lain running in the background?

More about these reflections soon.

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