a magma anagram ragman

Les most recent anagram spottings (thanks to an ingenious tool found at this location):

George Herbert Walker Bush (i know it’s old, but to get some of the poeple started..):
“huge berserk rebel warthog”
“slaughter beer herb erg wok” (whatever erg is)
“horse grew a bug elk”

Alexander Kevin Seeholzer:
“sheer never alkalized oxen”

Jan Simon Benjamin (Dimbeck):
“bones ninja jammin”
“mnemonic ninja ebbs jam kid”

Kai Oliver Goldmann:
“alarming kind o’ love”
“el nonvalid grim oak”
“am god in an overkill”
“oink me, vaginal lord!”

Simon (Vitus) Kummer:
“nuke moms rim”
“most kin rev is mu mu”
“strike mumus von mi”
“i must oink revs mum”

Enough of this nonsense – feel free to post your own thou!


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