Little sidney kidney machine

I have finally made my way to the southern hemisphere of this planet. I made the first step to conquer that other part of the world, where winter is summer and summer is winter and they all like to be “mates”.

Still left for me are about 2 weeks of touring the southern australian coastline and handling the ‘ol family business with ma’ Ma and ma’ lil’ Sis. I don’t promise to do any updates since i’ve learned from my stay in spain.
If you guys have any requests of what I should bring home for you, post them in the comments and if they are bigger than a Kangaroo’s left paw, I will gladly forget them.

This is my huge Sydney Kidney Machine
It spits out things of high Kidneyness
If i found the lever
To open slot b
In a nice Kidney way
Use there would be.

Everreedaay mate, evereedaay.


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