The little valencia dispenser #1

Got into the plane, left the ground, touched back down a bit more south. Took a taxi to the hotel where i got my keys – taxi driver sold me a cigarette for 3 euros.
Note: Don’t buy cigarettes form taxi drivers!
Temperature’s at a great and cosy (at least from a frosty-german point of view) 15-18 degrees, sun is shining. Found my flat after wandring around a bit. Also found 4 londoners, 2 scots and 1 of the irish tribe in the couches. Had few beers with em in an irish pub round the corner. “Jolly good fun mate, cunt cunt cunt.” (thats what Moshman commented, not they themselves. partly.)
First lesson today, 2 hours of spanish alphabet. Jolly good fun too! Cunt cunt cunt.
Went for a jog in the dried out rio del Valencia, discovered we’re out of coffee and therefore searched for a supermarket for 2 hours (and found none). Still out of coffee. Low on cigarettes and water, have loads of beer thou. Still out of coffee.
Going out for dinner tonight, cervezas grandes on the way.
Question of the day: Did you know that “Lord of the rings: The two towers” is called “Senor de los anillos: Las dos torres” in Spain?

Greetings to everybody!


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