Last notes before i leave.

Wow, that was quite a week. We, the “Nagelfluh & Flinz Orchestra” decided to rent hell of a lot of equipment in order to finally record all of our tracks.

Although it was quite straining to sit in the basement 7/11 (or rather 9/2) for a whole week trying to keep up with our improvised timetable, we had loads of fun.
The gallery of pictures from the “Nagelfluh & Flinz Studios” is up, so be sure to check it out. By the way, the guy on the left side of the picture to the right is our producer and soundtechnician, Marc “Dieder Bowlen” Amton.

At the moment I’m pretty busy preparing everything for my leave to Spain on sunday, where I will stay for almost 4 months and visit a language school.
I’ll be keeping this site up to date quite frequently and present newest and most interesting stories from Valencia (where i’m staying).

As you might have noticed I nevertheless had the time to update the site design a bit, inplementing a random pic on the main layout, aswell as the newest comments from the forum, the galleries and the news.

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