Joder, cuanto tiempo!

Hola la gente!
Reporting in live from Valencia, with something short of a month of time being here. Status: things are really good, am having a great time. Actually I had such a good time I missed taking pictures or updating you with anything, so here we go: 2 new galleries with a 100 pics mas o menos.
Then also, I’m always trying to keep up with asnwering all my emails and stuff, but if I answered every single one right away, I’d sit there for hours.. So sorry to all of you still waiting for a reply. Yadda Yadda. As if this hasn’t been said before..
And finally, I’m gonna hand out the little episode of “Alex learns Spanish. Vol. 2.3: Swearing” to the greedy lot of you. And, aehm, here we go:

Spanish swearing actually seems to consist of saying “cunt” (cono with the spanish “nje”, pronounced “con-yo!”), “fuck” (joder) and “goddamnit” (maldita sea) a lot, so the Spanish work it basically the way the British work it (wouldn’t you say so Sir Moshman?). Then again, there’s the quite peculiar habit of saying “I shit on..” ((me) cago en ..). You then proceed by choosing “what” to shit on. Start off with basics as “the sea” (me cago en la mar) or “the church” (me cago en la iglesia), proceed on to more insulting matters like “your mother” (me cago on tu madre) and then finally reach the most holy thing in Spain, the virgins (every town has one of its own), add a “whore”, and get to “me cago en la puta virgen” which would even insult Jose Maria Aznar.

I’ll now take my leave, best wishes to those that might care, me cago en la hostia!


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