Barbie is bad.

Barbie… Cute little doll, you say? Way NO, my dear friends. Let’s be honest: we all knew that Barbie has to have some dark sides… But we didn’t know they’d be THAT dark. Not only does she appear to be a fucking crackhead psycho…
…but also the enemy of a whole state! “Liked the bearded lady and always had a thing for fundamentalists? Here’s your answer. Talibarby is dressed in foxy combatshort and cape. Allthough muslim women aren’t allowed to dress like her, she’s the exception to the rule for she is the ultimate muslim fighter. Play the life of Yohmama Is Loaded.”
Of course, she has a couple of bright aspects as well. Not many people know about her martyr life as Jesusbarbie…
Shouldn’t we just LOVE her for this? And shouldn’t we show her our love like that?
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