Erding is.. Dead.

There once was this little town called Erding. Flinz and neo/coma just happened to live there, and, as they both just completed their finals and had too much spare time, they went to the central square of this little town at 2:30 am to have a little fun.
As they had to enjoy the most horrible music in the “Sky Bar” prior to this, they of course got boozed as hell before and also brought their little friend called “ghettoblaster” with em, fed with some good old “Stakka and Skynet” as well as “Funkdoobiest”.

we set us up teh sound right in the middle of this square

So Flinz and neo/coma set up teh dance at the central square at 2:30 am. They turned up the sound. And what did happen – the ambitious reader might ask this question.

Erding just kept calm and sleepy, as it has been ever since, never to wake up from it’s late night sleep. Great, we really tried it. We did. And nothing happened. Erding must either really like “Stakka and Skynet” or must be completely dead. I think its rather the latter.

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