life begins in…

Life begins in 3 weeks from now.
Thats when I will get the results of my finals. Yes, the ones I have just written the last exam for..
So let me say: FUCKN’EH FRIGGIN HELL ITS OVER! UH HUH!(one oral examination coming in 3 weeks, but.. 3 weeks.. comeon, enough for a beer or hundred).
Well I guess all of the 3 exams I finished until now were pretty much ok.

First thing on my ToDoTheseThreeWeeks list is: Get drunk as fuck tonight.
Second: Give a shit.

How you can approve of my envyable situation?
I will try to post as many pics I can shoot during all the parties to come.. Oh yeah, thats right, party pics, uh huh, thats how.

Alright, keep em straight..
Here a few of the better pics to keep you on the hook:

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