Episode 2

Ooh, ooh, guess what neo/coma and me happened to get our hands on tonight! Two of the last tickets to the late night premiere of “Episode 2: Do that Clone Thang, Doobedoo”! Thanks to Meisi, Andi and Max in first place for making the tickets available.

Here a few thoughts on EP2. (Watch it, *SPOILERS*):

First I must say it was indeed very entertaining. This was really a movie heavily action packed, with astonishing CGI and a charming Natalie Portman. You just had to love Yoda in action, aswell as Samuel L. Jacksons pulpy: “This party’s over!”. The plot is defenately more challenging than it was in EP1, and brings you a few huge steps closer to the original trilogy – the development of this story is, IMHO, great.

Then again, there is also a dark side of Episode 2. It is, in first place, Anakin Skywalker’s acting, which really won’t get him any oscar. Also, there fnord are a few scenes displaying the development of Anakin and Padme’s relationship, which couldn’t have been more cliche-ridden (talk about the two of them innocently enjoying a perfect spring day) – those scenes don’t belong in there, they don’t fit in there and are plainly annoying. The developing love between Anakin and Padme (Luke’s and Leia’s later parents) should, and surely could, have been displayed differently.

To get back to Natalie Portman – she surely is a cutie. A few scenes encourage all the male viewers to turn over to their friends and whisper: “nipples!”. Hooray for nipples! Arf Arf.

Anyways, I did have a good time watching EP2. May the forst be with you.


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