Super Saiyan Sickness

Ha, bow down to my powers, I will destroy you, I will surely coff at you until you die! Ka Me Ha Me *Coff* Ha!

You thought you knew me, thought you had everything in mind I could come up with, but you certainly didn’t expect this.. During the last week I spent a lot of time watching the local TV network’s daily series, since I had a bad case of the allmighty influenza, the “stab-yo-back” kind of..
Well, and what does Super Saiyan Alex come to watch? Dragonball of course! Ha! Ha! Didn’t expect that did you? Of course, before this week, I sort of had a glimpse at it once in a while, but all I saw was strange characters talking about destroying each other and acting pretty stupid.

But after following the Cell Saga for some while (thats Dragonball Z of course), I completely changed my mind..I always liked animes, with Ninja Scroll being my favorite up to date, but never thought about any TV series competing to the animes. But boy, does Dragonball Z compete (with a big Ka Me Ha Me HA HA HA). Dragonball Z is the Dragonball series with most of the actors actually grown up – in contrast to normal Dragonball, where most of ’em are still kiddies (it’s very entertaining too thou). But in the Z series, things really get along real good – all I saw until now was people beating each other up with great finesse, superhuman speed, flying around, firing special Ki attacks at each other, and, hold on to your Dragonballs all you kiddies out there, KILLING each other – yes they actually DIE in Dragonball Z – how goddamn lovely is that? Thats like your favorite brutal anime – on a daily, regular basis!Don’t get scared off by the score (which really succeeds in creating an enormous tension – with you sweating by every part of a second hoping that it’ll be over soon), and enjoy a fully grown up, fantasy and action packed, violent daily anime – just great. What a great way to distract you from school work.

And do keep that smile on your face, sort of reminds me of Vegita (watch it if you wanna know what I mean). For some basic info on the Dragonball universe, visit this Dragonball source or the the official site (some good character infos here). Also, if you’re in Germany (as I am), visit the RTL2 Dragonball section for info on upcoming episodes.

Now finally, go out there and declare me totally demented and childish. But it’s fucking fun. Can’t help it.



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