in the times of HAI (first post EVAR)

It’s sort of interesting what one can accomplish if he has something much more important to do.

In my case it’s surely my essay (ca. 15-20 pages) I have to write until end of january. Starting out in july 2001 I sort of pushed it along, never really starting. Now it’s january and i have about 5 pages. Great job sucker.

Now you go and try combine the following:

  • First holidays in a few months, lasting two weeks (until the 7th of january)
  • Post – over one year long relationship – time (which means you instincively go out there and try to get back all the freedom you sacrificed one year long)
  • A goddamn essay waiting on your laptop to be written
  • Your canadian grandparents visiting for the first time in a year, demanding at least a few hours a day to tell repeatedly the amount you have grown in that year (well it’s not exactly that bad, but nevertheless)
  • Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, newyears eve, parties, friends, drugs
  • Still a goddamn essay waiting to be written, still on C:\Documents\JFK_Assassination_Facharbeit.doc
  • Not much time for meditation, the consequence of which is a feeling of unbalancedness

But, to get back to my point, i still managed to get up the site i wanted to do for a long time, after talking about it to Amodo.
So here it is, the Little Samurai Dispenser.
Once in a while, we are gonna press the red button and dispense our little Samurai to put some more HAI in your life.

HAI Flinz san. Good job sucker.

You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you’re going, because you might not get there.

And i just left.


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