Bad things in life

Among the bad things in life, from this day on, I certainly count the good ol’ gastro-enteric infection. Ah, what a feeling waking up in the morning, first thing you do is vomit the hell out of that poor stomach nothing should be in but you soon discover something was still remaining in there, and it certainly wasn’t a good thing..
It somehow seems your food is so happy to come back the way it went it, it dowsn’t want to stop this process..
But then, just as the food quit popping out of my face, it came popping out ‘the other way round’..
Those were the days.. Spending about 24 hours lying next to the toilet..

But what would life be without those bad things? Don’t such days remind us of how friendly food is to us most of the times, or should I rather say, how friendly out stomach reacts to food – input?

May the toothpaste be with you!

PS: Next time you feel such a thing coming, DO clean your toilet before you have to spend the day next to it..

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  1. Marian wrote on May 20, 2010 at 22:27 #

    Hi! Ich dachte mal, ich hinterlasse einfach mal einen Eintrag zu Deiner Webseite. Ist dir wirklich super gelungen. Ich nutze jetzt auch seit einiger Zeit WordPress, blicke aber noch nicht so ganz durch. Nun, eine tolle Webseite und gute Arbeit, weiter so :-)